Extras eager to get close to Hollywood heart-throb Johnny Depp are being warned they must be prepared to go naked to appear in his new movie.

The OSCAR-nominated actor - who is playing EARL OF ROCHESTER, a debauched 17th century poet and confidant of KING CHARLES II -is appearing in the erotic period piece THE LIBERTINE - where bold extras will be asked to appear naked.

NINA CARTER, who heads casting agency NINA'S PEOPLE, says, "We are looking for a wide range of extras, some of whom will have to appear naked in the film.

"There will be full and part nudity parts required."

However, some part-time actors will be allowed to stay clothed.

Carter adds, "We are also looking for people to play in crowd scenes with their clothes on. It is a controversial film and will contain a fair amount of nudity.

"We are not necessarily looking for young people, in fact the older the better for some scenes."

29/03/2004 14:24