Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and their assorted pirate family members have landed again and the first wave of critics have arrived to pounce on them. Clearly the critics are no match for the pirate force -- as even they readily admit. Nathan Lee, writing in The Village Voice, commented: "Long before the third, fourth, or fifth climax in this endless, obligatory summer diversion, I slunk into my seat in a passive, inattentive stupor, fully submitting to the fact that I hadn't the slightest idea what the hell was going on." Jack Mathews in the New York Daily News warns: "Beware my hearty: It will tie your rum-soaked brain in knots." Several critics suggest that Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End should have been called At Wit's End. Carina Chocano of the Los Angeles Times is one of them. "Three hours of very high-octane confusion" is the way she describes it. But Ty Burr in the Boston Globe says that's what makes the Pirates films special -- the "damn-the-torpedoes excess, larded on by producer Jerry Bruckheimer without a care for expense or even common sense. These movies go too far -- visually, narratively, abaft and abeam -- and still the filmmakers keep going, headed for the waterfall of spectacle run amok."