LATEST: Johnny Depp has agreed for his former lover Kate Moss to star alongside him in an upcoming Michael Hutchence biopic. Depp, who will play the late Inxs frontman, split up with the supermodel in 1997 after a stormy three-year romance. But he is happy for Moss to get close again, and play Hutchence's girlfriend Paula Yates in the rock movie. An insider tells British newspaper the Daily Express, "Johnny was asked if it would be a deal breaker for him if Kate was cast. "He said, 'Not as far as I'm concerned.' He figures there's been enough water under that bridge. "Obviously he's (director NICK EGAN) hoping there's still enough chemistry between them that will translate to the screen. "It has been claimed she never got over him and in the film they'll have to appear deeply in love." Hutchence was found dead in a Sydney, Australia, hotel room in 1997.