Johnny Depp was a late-night tourist in Venice.

The hunky actor spent time in the Italian city while filming 'The Tourist' with Angelina Jolie, and while he didn't get much time to go exploring, he loved the solitude of his midnight walks.

He said: "My tourist times were between The Hours of 10pm and 2am. That was the only time I could only wander and have a look around. There's virtually no one on the street at that time.

"I was amazed, everywhere you look it's kind of a visual poem. I like the night time Venice. The quiet Venice, where it feels like the Ghosts are around."

While Johnny enjoyed doing his own stunts for the movie, he admitted he was worried about falling in the city's canals because they aren't very clean.

He explained: "It's not clean. Doing stunts - being yanked down the Venice canal, being handcuffed to the boat railing - that was way secondary to the immense fear I had of going into the drink. Because that's like; god knows what you come out with.

"The stunt guys who did have to go into the drink were on intense antibiotics for weeks and weeks prior."