JOSEPH MASSINO, the jailed former Chief of the Bonanno crime family, whose story was adapted into a movie starring Johnny Depp and Al Pacino, has given evidence against one of his former henchman, reports ABC News. Joseph Massino has broken decades of silence by throwing light on the New York criminal underworld in court.
Massino gave evidence in the trial of Vincent 'Vinny Gorgeous' Basciano, who is accused of ordering the assassination of Randolph Pizzolo. Prosecutors claim that he was secretly recorded admitting the crime during a conversation with Massino. While testifying in court, Massino compared life in the mob to running an Italian restaurant, saying, "It takes all kinds of meat to make a good sauce. Some people, they kill. Some people? They earn, they can't kill". Asked about his duties in the family, he said, "Murder". The Bonanno crime family were portrayed on screen in the 1997 drama movie 'Donnie Brasco', starring Johnny Depp, Michael Madsen and Al Pacino. The film was nominated for an ACADEMY AWARD and received critical acclaim.
It was recently announced that JOSEPH MASSINO's former associate JOHN GOTTI will be played by the Hollywood actor John Travolta in a forthcoming biopic.