Johnny Depp is keen to take on the lead role in Tim Burton's CHARLIE + THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY remake, but he'll happily step aside if rocker Marilyn Manson wants the part.

Manson and Depp are the only names in the running to recreate the beloved Roald Dahl eccentric, and Depp admits the rocker would be the perfect Wonka.

He says, "It's an exciting possibility for me to go back and do another film with Tim. It would be a ball. I'll keep all my digits crossed, as it were.

"That said, I'd go and see Manson as Willy Wonka. I'd go and see him in anything."

And Depp admits he'd also consider playing Ozzy Osbourne in a new biopic: "SHARON and my agent have spoken. I'd think about it, sure."

26/08/2003 09:17