Johnny Depp would make more 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' movies despite suffering a painful back injury on the most recent instalment.

The 47-year-old actor revealed details of his on-set accident at the world premiere of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' at Disneyland, California yesterday (08.05.11) but admitted he has become so attached to his character Captain Jack Sparrow, he can't imagine not playing him anymore.

He said: "I must have done something to my back during a stunt and ended up with this bad sciatic situation. It was this horrible, grinding electricity going through me. I kept shooting, there was no choice, I'd just limp on set.

"It was monstrous, man - so horrible that I actually started to like it! It was bad, and I had it a good three weeks to a month. But I got used to it and kind of missed it when it was gone.

"I still enjoy playing Jack - there's always more to explore in him. I never want to say goodbye. I love Captain Jack so much I would do Pirates 8 if they ask me."

However Johnny doesn't want to rush into making a new movie as he feels it is important to keep them "special".

He explained: "Had I had a little more control at the wheel early on, I would have spaced them out more. One of the reasons 'On Stranger Tides' took this amount of time was to really focus on what we could do to make it interesting and new and fresh and not just rehash the same old jokes.

"I haven't seen a new script yet. It boils down to story, script and filmmaker. But it's not something where I would say, 'Let's shoot it next month to get it out by Christmas 2012.' We should hold off for a bit. They should be special, just like they're special to me."

Johnny was joined at the premiere by co-star Penelope Cruz, as well as Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Terry Hatcher.