Johnny Depp was amazed by Angelina Jolie's "dark" sense of humour.

The handsome actor stars alongside the Oscar-winning actress in new movie 'The Tourist' and admitted he was initially wary about working with her with her as he wasn't sure what she'd be like.

He said: "Meeting her and getting to know her was a real pleasant surprise. You don't know what she might be like - if she has any sense of humour at all. I was so pleased to find that she is incredibly normal, and has a wonderfully kind of dark, perverse sense of humour."

Johnny was so impressed with Angelina, he even likened to another legendary leading lady Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, he said: "I've had the honour and the pleasure and gift of having known Elizabeth Taylor for a number of years. You know, you sit down with her, she slings hash, she sits there and cusses like a sailor, and she's hilarious. Angie's got the same kind of thing, you know, the same approach."

Although Johnny loved working with Angelina, he admits they didn't spend that much time together during filming because they didn't want to bring upon themselves any unwanted attention.

The 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' star - who has two children with his partner Vanessa Paradis - said: "We had to hide, sometimes we couldn't even talk to each other in public because someone will take a photograph and it will be misconstrued and turned into some other s**t."