Johnny Depp performed the 'YMCA' with drag queens at David Furnish's 50th birthday party.

David's husband Sir Elton John threw a star studded bash to celebrate the milestone age in Los Angeles on Thursday (25.10.12) and Johnny was dragged up on stage by the performers although he didn't appear to mind.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Johnny's an actor, he knows how to camp it up. His Willy Wonka was definitely a bit effeminate.

''CHI CHI LaRUE was DJ-ing and sent a couple of drag queens to pull Johnny on stage to dance to a 'YMCA' mega mix. He didn't hold back and preserved his rock 'n' roll credentials by gripping a glass of whisky.''

Other guests at the party were David and Victoria Beckham, Gavin Rossdale and his wife Gwen Stefani and Elizabeth Hurley and her fiance Shane Warne, who tweeted about his night.

He wrote: ''Goodbye LA, see you soon Melbourne, hope the sun is shining!!! Had lots of fun at a friends 50th here...(sic)''

Earlier Elizabeth admitted she was feeling fragile, writing: ''Lying in exhausted heap after two days of one of my best friend's birthday celebrations ... water please!''