Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie's sons had play dates when they filmed 'The Tourist'.

The actor - who has two children, daughter Lily-Rose, 11, and eight-year-old Jack, with long-term love Vanessa Paradis - bonded with his co-star as they worked on the movie and was delighted when his youngest child also hit it off with her seven-year-old boy Pax, who the actress raises with partner Brad Pitt.

Asked if his children had any play dates with Angelina's six kids, Johnny said: "Not a full on event, but we did have Angie's boy, Angie and Brad's boy, Pax, came over and he and my boy, Jack, played some video games one night, which was really sweet."

Johnny admits that one of the reasons why he and Angelina bonded so quickly was their devotion to family life.

He told US TV show 'Access Hollywood': "We just got on instantly. We got on very well and within minutes, we were sitting there yakking about our kids, you know?"

The 47-year-old heartthrob was also delighted to find he shared a similar sense of humour with his 35-year-old co-star.

He explained: "Well that was sort of the great gift that Angie brings. At the same time that you're doing your work, you need to be able to cut up and have a good time, you need to be able to have a ball, so I found that she had a very, you know, vivid and energetic sense of humour - very perverse."