Johnny Depp's "dream" is to have happy children.

Despite his successful Hollywood career, the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' actor says the most important wish in his life is for his 12-year-old daughter Lily Rose and nine-year-old son Jack - his kids with long-term partner Vanessa Paradis - to be content.

He said: "As a family man, all you want as a dad, is pure happiness for your kids, that's a universal sort of parent wish. That's my dream. Happy kids."

Discussing his future, the 47-year-old actor just wants a calm life without any significant "ups and downs".

He added to The Independent newspaper: "Smooth sailing, that's what I hope for. I'm OK with no big ups, no big downs, it's alright, just full steam ahead, all things well and good."

However, he does hope one day he can take part in a production of William Shakespeare's classic play, 'Hamlet' - although he wouldn't want to announce it.

He said: "'Hamlet' is one of those, I don't know, actor cliche things that bounces around in your head.

"Many years ago, Marlon Brando planted that seed in my skull. The thing I'd like to do with 'Hamlet' is to do it as under the radar as possible, in a very tiny theatre, unannounced and different names and it caught on then you could just move it somewhere else."