Johnny Depp has hooked up in an ''enclosed'' car trunk.

The 53-year-old actor has revealed the strangest place he has enjoyed an intimate moment with an unnamed woman was in the boot of a car with the door fully shut.

The dark-haired hunk revealed the news in an interview with 'Dory' actress Ellen Degeneres on her chat show 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', where he said: ''Wow. A car trunk. The trunk of a car. Enclosed.''

However, the comedic host was sceptical about the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star's replies to her probing questions.

She said: ''You're not being honest. I would ask you more but you won't answer them honestly. You're no good at this game.''

Although the 59-year-old presenter doubted Johnny's responses, she continued to grill him about his private life.

She asked: ''Who was your first celebrity crush?''

And the tattooed-hunk revealed 96-year-old actress Carol Channing stole his heart at a young age.

He replied: ''Carol Channing.''

But the star - who had a high profile split from his previous partner Amber Heard last year after 15 months of marriage -has admitted the best person he has ever kissed is his 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' co-star Javier Bardem, and Penelope Cruz.

He quipped: ''Javier Bardem. And Penelope Cruz.''

Meanwhile, Johnny has revealed his favourite body part is the back of his head, and he is filled with a ''little tinge of excitement'' when he catches a glimpse of the area.

When asked about the preferred area of his body, he joked: ''Back there [back of the head] for the moment. I might get a little tinge of excitement. My shoes are my favourite part of my body. I have had them surgically put on.''

But the star isn't a big fan of his bottom, and he has admitted he doesn't necessarily ''like'' his derriere but ''accepts'' the area.

He said: ''Like it? I accept it.''