The supergroup the 52-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star formed with Aerosmith rocker Joe Perry and Alice Cooper will pay tribute to late Motorhead star Lemmy at the prizegiving, and Depp hopes to surprise a few people with his musicianship when he hits the stage.

"If I saw these guys coming out with myself, I too would think, 'This is kind of a weird spectacle', initially," the actor told USA Today. "There will be some people saying, ‘Let's see this Hollywood-guy, actor-guy play guitar'. But hopefully, what will happen is that the song will kick in and people are going to feel their wigs starting to split. People's heads are going to go like that (explode)."

Guitarist Perry agrees with Depp, as he is very impressed with the music the Hollywood Vampires have created so far.

"I don't say things like this often, but this band is f**king good," he says. "It's time to put on the skates and walk out on the pond."

The group formed in 2011 after an inspiring jam session and the rockers released their first eponymous album on 11 September (15).

During their Grammys performance, Depp, Perry and Cooper will perform Hollywood Vampires song As Bad As I Am before transitioning into their Lemmy tribute.

Perry is amazed Grammy bosses invited the band to perform, especially since this gig will be their first major televised show.

"This is breaking the rules of the Grammys," the Aerosmith star said. "You have to have something on the radio, you have to be a known band. That they will let us be on the show and play one of our songs no one has never heard, I'm still shaking my head going, 'Is this really going to happen?'"