Johnny Depp has been having shipments of his favourite home-made wine delivered to the set of his latest movie.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean has been treating the cast and crew to his selection of wine on the set of new film PUBLIC ENEMIES, reports the Mirror.

Johnny is something of a wine buff and has been having shipments sent over "to keep him going", a source has said.

"He is very serious about his hobby and does everything himself - from selecting the grapes to working the machinery. He's done wine-tasting courses and has read virtually all there is to read on the subject. Johnny's a connoisseur," said the source.

Generous Johnny also had several bottles of Bordeaux Petrus delivered, as his home-grown wines would not quite stretch to all members of the crew.

The film has been involved in a real life incident, as a youth has been arrested on suspicion of taking part in a drive-by shooting close to the movie's set.

23/06/2008 12:57:10