Johnny Depp doesn't like mobile phones.

The 47-year-old actor - who has children Lily, 11 and Jack, eight with French singer-and-actress Vanessa Paradis - likes to maintain a low profile and so doesn't have a mobile phone, but does keep the internet because he thinks it is an "interesting" way to communicate.

He said: "We have internet and stuff like that because I think that's the safest form, well, most interesting form of communication.

"I just don't like phones, I just don't like them. Being reachable all the time."

Asked how a friend would be able to get in touch with him should they need to, he told Access Hollywood: "You'd have to know how to just buzz me on the internet or something."

Johnny's 'The Tourist' co-star Angelina Jolie - who raises six children with long-term partner Brad Pitt - recently revealed neither she nor Johnny and Vanessa are particularly social, despite being Hollywood royalty.

She said: "We're both not that social. I don't think either One Of Us goes out of our house, especially in France. We're both locked away."