Johnny Depp has developed a strong friendship with Damien Echols ever since the West Memphis Three member was released from prison.

The actor supported Echols' case for freedom for years and was among the celebrities celebrating when his pal emerged victorious, after 18 years behind bars, in 2011 - and Depp was one of the first people the convicted killer visited upon his release.

The movie star cooked up a comfort food feast for Echols, revealing, "I thought if I had just got out of the pokey (prison) after 18 years, I'd want some f**king Tater Tots (fried potato bites), man. I'd want some tacos. Give me some deeply trashy food."

The odd couple has become firm friends and have several matching tattoos.

Echols tells Rolling Stone magazine, "Whenever we're together, it's not like you're with a movie star. It's like you're home. He smells like home to me."