Actor Johnny Depp has taken inspiration from yet another rocker for his latest movie SECRET WINDOW - BRIAN WILSON.

Depp admits his scoundrel character CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW in last year's (03) hit Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL was a blend of ROLLING STONE Keith Richards and amorous skunk PEPE LE PEW.

And this time around, playing a reclusive writer living in a mountain cabin somehow drew Depp to former BEACH BOY Wilson.

He says, "I remember hearing those famous stories or maybe myths about him in this very reclusive period where he didn't leave his house and had sand brought in to cover his living room floor.

"Then he dropped the baby grand on top of that and wrote these great classics. That was the level of reclusiveness I was looking for."

15/03/2004 02:19