Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's marriage reportedly reached its end after a row over faeces left in their bed.

The 32-year-old actress - who filed for divorce following just 15 months of marriage - and her friends have reportedly been accused by Johnny of leaving the poop as a ''prank'' to get back at him for turning up late to her 30th birthday bash in the April 2016.

A source close to the 55-year-old actor has alleged there is ''strong, photographic evidence that connected Amber to the faeces''.

It's reported that the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star's housekeeper found the poo and told the actor it looked too big to not be a human's.

However, a spokesperson for the actress has denied this, claiming it was simply their dog Boo who had left the surprise as the pooch has ''bowel control issues''.

A representative for Amber told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Boo has some serious bowel control issues. There was never a joke, it wasn't something done to be disrespectful.

''It was an innocent thing, it's what pets will do. We don't have anything else to say. Ms Heard is moving on and we do not want to engage in this nonsense.''

It's believed the former couple had another disagreement over the poop in the May, when Amber alleged she was hit in the face with a cell phone by Johnny, leaving her with a mark on her face.

However, the police who responded to the incident later claimed in legal documents that Amber had no defects from the alleged incident.

Around the same time, Johnny and Amber were reprimanded by the Australian government for sneaking their Yorkshire Terriers, Pistol and Boo, into the country.

They made a cringe-worthy apology video to the Australian government after she pleaded guilty to supplying false documents.