The mayor of Meudon, France has been inundated with phone calls from people trying to track down the city's newest rumoured resident - Johnny Depp. Depp and partner Vanessa Paradis have reportedly moved their family to the posh Paris suburb and the mayor's phone has been ringing off the hook with people trying to find out exactly where the press-shy couple have settled. One elegant home in the neighbourhood has even had to post a sign outside declaring, in French, "For Johnny Depp, check farther up the street" to try and get rid of paparazzi who have mistaken the grand home for the couple's new residence. Meudon's mayor, HERVE MARSEILLE, refuses to confirm or deny if the celebrity couple have moved to his town, saying, "New residents usually don't advise me when they move here." However, the mayor adds, "I have heard they're a nice couple."