Johnny Depp has been shown for the first time in his Tonto outfit and make-up for forthcoming film 'The Lone Ranger,' and the preview shows that the actor looks set to maintain his reputation for outlandish attire and extravagant appearance when the full film finally drops in 2013. The picture has been long overdue, with Columbia Pictures planning it in as early as 2002 but a series of script re-writes and budgeting concerns have left the film languishing in development hell for the most of the past decade.
The UK's Guardian newspaper reports that Disney had taken on the picture at a $250 million budget, but following the disappointing performance of another western-themed flick, 'Cowboys and Aliens' - how could they not have predicted that? - the company got cold feet and scaled the budget back. So the release of this picture is relieving news for many as it finally proves that it's actually going ahead!
The picture sees Depp alongside Armie Hammer who plays the Lone Ranger; Hammer looks stoic with black eye mask and white cowboy hat offsetting a clean dark suit. Depp's Tonto meanwhile looks wild; a stuffed bird perched atop his bead and long dark hair intermingling with attached feathers. His facial make-up is largely white with black streaks. Such an outlandish look shouldn't be surprising of course with the Hollywood Reporter pointing out that the film's costume designer is PENNY ROSE who worked on all four 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' movies.