Johnny Depp's gold teeth have been a constant pain for the movie star - he once found a dentist's drill bit buried in his gums. The actor donned the gold teeth for his role as CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW in Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL and has put them back in for the sequels. And, though he worries about having the fixtures extracted later this year (06), he insists the pain will be nothing compared to his past teeth troubles. He explains, "I've had many problems over the years with my teeth; several root canals. Once they found an eight-millimetre tip of the drill bit in one of the canals. That was horrible. That was a six-hour ordeal. "The process of taking the gold teeth off can be ugly too. Sometimes it just goes `ding' and it shoots off, and other times you got to really address the issue a little more intensely."