Actor Johnny Depp is so unhappy without his family around him - he forces his wife and two children to join him on location when he's shooting movies.

The FINDING NEVERLAND star has never been parted from his actress wife Vanessa Paradis, daughter LILY-ROSE MELODY, six, or his three-year-old son JACK for more than a month.

And he refuses to put his career over his family, so ensures movie bosses know he's bringing his entire family before they book him for a film.

He says, "The most I've ever been away from my kids and my girl has been like four or five weeks and that drove me mad.

"One shouldn't have to do that. I can't do it. So as much as is humanly possible, I bring them with me on location.

"If Vanessa is doing a film and I'm not working, I'll go on location with her. I have to have them around."

18/07/2005 02:05