Movie actor Johnny Depp tasted anonymity for a moment recently - when he went unrecognised at an exclusive wine connoisseurs' dinner.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL star was invited to the private meal after making a purchase at wine merchants BERRY BROTHERS + RUDD, who also count British monarch Queen Elizabeth II as one of their clients.

A company spokesperson says, "He dropped in one day and spent 45 minutes here discussing wines with one of our salesmen.

"Then he made his purchases. I can't disclose details of what he bought, but he was invited back later to a private dinner."

And a number of fellow diners at the plush meal failed to recognise the superstar's identity.

An insider says, "It was hilarious. He spent half the evening telling toffs who didn't recognise him that his name was Johnny, and that he was an actor."

08/09/2004 13:48