Johnny Depp's latest movie Neverland has infuriated JM BARRIE's family, who are disgusted film bosses opted for a "fictional retelling" of the Peter Pan writer's life rather than a fact-based account.

While the characters in the Barrie biopic are based on real people, Hollywood's version of events have led the classic author's family to complain about its authenticity - including the onscreen relationship between Barrie and his wife SYLVIA, played by Kate Winslet.

The movie depicts Sylvia first meeting Barrie shortly after the death of her husband to cancer - although in reality her spouse ARTHUR LLEWELYN DAVIES was still alive.

Sylvia's great-niece LADY TESSA MONTGOMERY says, "It's a pity they didn't stick to the facts.

"Films have a habit of rewriting history. People rewrite even slightly the story or a character and often the family find it's not the person they remember or know about."

MIRAMAX FILMS boss Harvey Weinstein, who produced Neverland, has defended the movie as a "fictional retelling" rather than a biopic.

03/10/2004 14:09