Hollywood star Johnny Depp has turned his movie trailer on the set of new movie Charlie And The Chocolate Factory into a $450,000 (GBP250,000) "Bedouin tent".

The actor, who is currently filming the TIM BURTON-directed remake on location in Hertfordshire, England, was reportedly unhappy with the monster trailer - his home for the duration of the shoot.

So he asked for all the fixtures and fittings to be removed and replaced with silk and satin drapes, huge cushions, animal hide rugs and incense burners, reports British newspaper THE SUN - and set designers at PINEWOOD STUDIOS have been called in to carry out a complete makeover.

A set insider tells The Sun, "Johnny already has the biggest trailer on set but wasn't happy with it.

"He's a real hippy at heart and he wanted his trailer to look like a Bedouin tent."

07/07/2004 13:45