Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Pamela Anderson and Jamie Foxx are among the celebrities celebrated in film magazine MOVIELINE'S HOLLYWOOD LIFE's new Most List.

Depp has been crowned Most Inherently Awesome on the new list, while Law's run of hit films has made him Movieline's Most Valuable Player.

Anderson has been named this year's Most Surprising Best-Selling Author after scoring success with her memoirs STAR, and Foxx has been honoured with the magazine's Most Breakthrough Year.

Other celebrity winners in the end-of-year list include: Charlie Sheen (Most Rehabbed Image); Jay-Z (Most Dubious Retirement Announcement); MERYL STREEP (Most Continually Impressive); Sienna Miller (Most Stylish Newbie) and THE VILLAGE star Bryce Dallas Howard (Most Dazzling Debut).

08/12/2004 09:22