Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has vowed never to star in a romantic comedy - because he considers the genre "boring".
The 44-year-old shot to fame in Tim Burton's 1991 fantasy epic Edward Scissorhands and has since made his name by taking on a variety of quirky film roles - including turns in Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and most recently in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
And Depp insists he will never be drawn to roles in light-hearted films - no matter how much money he is offered.
He says, "There is a dark side in me, like in each one of us. I only feel the fun factor when turning to a dark role, like in my most recent film Sweeney Todd.
"I wouldn't want to be in a romantic film, where it's about the boy meeting the girl, losing the girl, and getting her back.
"That would really bore me to death."