Johnny Depp turned to pal Marlon Brando when he was unsure about an island purchase in the Bahamas but was unable to get the reclusive movie icon's full OK before he died.

The FINDING NEVERLAND star put in a $3 million (GBP1.57 million) bid for remote 35-acre getaway isle Little Hall's Pond Cay (corr) but was left feeling unsure about the deal when his longtime partner Vanessa Paradis questioned his logic.

So, Depp turned to Brando, a famous island owner, for advice.

He says, "(Brando said) 'Well, what's the elevation? Do you have a water system there? What about the electricity...? Get me the paperwork and we'll go through it.

"He was all for it but before he could go over it with me, he, you know, went away."

Depp ended up buying the island anyway. Little Hall's Pond Cay, which can only be reached by boat, helicopter or seaplane, features six beaches and its own harbour.

27/01/2005 21:24