Johnny Depp is considering starring in the film version of 21 JUMP STREET, the TV show which shot him to fame 20 years ago. Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn and Shannen Doherty also launched their careers in the cult 1980s police drama, and director STEPHEN CANNELL is keen to bring his format to the big screen. Depp and Cannell parted on bad terms in 1989, but the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor is prepared to put the bitterness behind him if he is allowed to play his character TOM HANSON as an ageing hustler. Depp tells the New York Daily News, "Now that would be interesting. "To go back and play the same character that I played 20 years ago with a bunch of people talking behind his back, going, 'He's out of his mind. He's really old now. But he thinks that he's really young.' That I would love to do."