Hollywood heart-throb Johnny Depp has spoken out about his drug fuelled wild days - insisting that he is now "boring".

Depp, 40, who missed out on a Best Actor's OSCAR on Sunday (29FEB04) confessed that he no longer experiments with drugs.

The THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL actor says, "I went through a stage of smoking opium.

"When you smoke opium you just lie still. It makes you completely relaxed. I'm through with it now - it was so nice it was dangerous.

"I hated cocaine but I used to like absinthe but it's like marijuana - drink too much and you suddenly realise why VAN GOGH cut his ear off."

Depp, who now lives with his singer Vanessa Paradis and their children in France, adds, "These days I just drink a little red wine. I'm boring."

02/03/2004 17:43