Hollywood hunk Johnny Depp is still hoping for the chance to star in the scrapped movie THE MAN FROM LA MANCHA, about legendary literary character DON QUIXOTE.

MONTY PYTHON star TERRY GILLIAM started to direct the movie two years ago in Spain with Depp and his wife Vanessa Paradis, but filming was stopped just days into production after to a series of disasters.

And now Depp - who's still riding high in the world's movie charts with his hit film Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL - is holding out hope Gilliam will try again.

He says, "We were having a ball in spite of everything that was going on around us - the curse! Torrential downpour, hail, equipment floating off into the desert, F-14s dropping test bombs between the set and the caravans. It was shocking!

"Every time I speak to Terry he's still very, very enthusiastic about getting Quixote back on the block. If he wants to do that and if he's able to do that, I'd be right there."

15/08/2003 20:11