Johnny Depp was too embarrassed to play guitar with his idol Keith Richards on the set of Pirates Of The Caribbean: AT WORLD'S END. The Hollywood actor - who also plays the guitar - reveals he was too shy to "jam" with the Rolling Stones rocker, preferring instead to watch his icon without getting musically involved. He says, "I would have my glass of wine and Keith would have his usual. He drinks something called a Nuclear Waste, a secret concoction of his. Then he'd play guitar. We didn't jam together because I'm miserably shy. "The furthest I got was when he was showing me this mandolin-type instrument he uses in the film. I plunked a few chords on that and then it was like 'Oh thank you. I'm done' and I gave it right back. I mean, he's the God, he's the master. Keith is a terrific guy to hang with, but he's one of my guitar heroes and I can never escape that."