Johnny Depp has grown closer to his rocker pal Keith Richards since he started filming a documentary about the Rolling Stones legend - the pair sat and drank while shooting 35 hours of "intense" footage in just a few days.
The actor famously used the guitarist as the inspiration for his swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean character Jack Sparrow and the pair even starred as father and son in the franchise's third movie in 2007.
Depp is working on a film project about the musician and fits in filming whenever the two aren't busy - and the Hollywood star admits their on-screen chats can go on for some time.
He says, “Any time he’s got a minute, any time I’ve got a minute. We’ve done one, let’s say, installment that was fairly intense. We shot for a few days and got 35 hours of footage. That’s me and Keith talking. We’re sitting on couches, drinking and talking.”