Movie hunk Johnny Depp was attracted to new movie CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, because the central character CHARLIE BUCKET reminds him of his two sweet-natured children.

Depp is strict with his daughter LILY-ROSE MELODY, six, and three-year-old son JACK to ensure they don't grow up like the obnoxious characters VIOLET BEAUREGARDE, Veruca Salt, MIKE TEAVEE and AUGUSTUS GLOOP who win tickets to his character WILLY WONKA's factory in the movie.

He boasts, "My kids are not spoiled like these kids in the movie. We're very careful about that kind of thing.

"I think they are both closer to Charlie's personality. Luckily the kids are pretty well-balanced, well-grounded and not monster-like at all."

18/07/2005 02:05