Johnny Depp has been left immensely proud of his work on the Pirates Of The Caribbean films - after a stranger told him his performances made his sick wife laugh for the first time in years. Depp was amazed to hear his turn as Captain Jack in the swashbuckling trilogy had such an affect on the woman, who's suffering from a form of Alzheimer's disease. He says, "One time a guy told me that he brought his wife to see Pirates Of The Caribbean. She had lost her motor skills. I forget what you call it. It's not autism. They made a movie about it, where you recede and your functions start to go. "Anyway, they're watching the film, and when Captain Jack Sparrow came on the screen, she started to laugh. This guy said he hadn't heard that laugh in years. And so he took her back to see the film repeatedly. "For some reason, Captain Jack made her laugh every time. That's right up there."