Johnny Depp was persuaded to become an actor by Nicolas Cage - as the profession was an easy way of making money. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star admits he had no intention of turning to acting until his friend Cage suggested he might be able to carve out a career on the big screen. And Depp later landed his movie debut in horror movie Nightmare On Elm Street in 1984. He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "Nic said, 'Why don't you try acting? I think you could probably do it.' I remember saying, 'I'll try anything, man. I gotta live without calling home and begging for money.' "So I met his agent, and she sent me to read for a movie (Nightmare on Elm Street), and they hired me. "I never wanted to be an actor. It just seemed like a good way to make easy money. I didn't care what the movies were. If you were going to pay me, fine. That was my philosophy."