Johnny Depp has branded his daughter's recent illness life-affirming - and praised the child for her "super-strength" during the difficult time. Seven-year-old Lily-Rose, his daughter with long-term girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, was admitted to a London hospital in February (07) suffering from e.coli food poisoning, which caused her kidneys to shut down. Shooting on Depp's latest film Sweeny Todd at Pinewood Studios was postponed so the actor could hold a bedside vigil for the youngster. He says, "It was a bumpy patch but she has come through it beautifully and unscathed and she is now as healthy as she always was. She is wonderful. "It was a reminder to us of how lucky we are to be able to breathe, walk, talk, think, and surround ourselves with people we love. "What got us through this wasn't the strength of Vanessa or me but our daughter and her incredible ability to make us feel OK even though she was very unwell. She was super strong."