Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp has spoken of his "love at first sight" attraction to long-term lover Vanessa Paradis.

Depp, who has with Paradis for ten years and is rumoured to be getting married soon, claims that he was attracted to the French actress when he first saw her.

According to the Daily Mail, he said: "You have this feeling - I can't really explain what it was, but I had it when I met Vanessa. I saw her across a room and I thought: 'What's happening to me?'

"I had no way of knowing how great a person she was or how great a mother she would be."

Depp, who has been engaged twice before to Kate Moss and Winona Ryder, added that even when he tried to resist, he felt like Paradis was the one for him.

"I can remember thinking the last thing in the world I wanted was a relationship, but it was impossible to escape. I was gone," he said.

The couple have two children - seven-year-old Lily-Rose and Jack, four - and also own their own remote island to bring up their children on.

25/07/2007 11:51:02