Fatherhood is fascinating to Johnny Depp, because his kids are either profound or like "miniature drunks."

The actor admits playing dad to four-year-old LILY-ROSE and baby JACK is a real treat, because he's constantly challenged by questions and behaviour.

He explains, "My daughter sat me down the other day and said, 'Dad, I need to have a talk with you. Is God afraid of dogs?' I said, 'No, I don't think he is.'

"She went on, 'Has he seen the dinosaurs?' and then she said, 'Does God have a maid?' And I didn't know how to answer it."

But it's his son, who turned one in April (03), who really astounds him.

He adds, "Once they hit one year old it's like hanging around a miniature drunk - you've got to hold on to them, they bump into things, they laugh, they cry, they urinate, they vomit."

20/06/2003 19:35