Johnny Depp considers himself lucky to be such a successful actor as many of the movies he has made flopped at the box-office. Depp, who has now tasted mainstream success thanks to the Pirates Of The Caribbean films, admits he isn't a great judge of whether scripts he is sent will turn out to be profitable movies. The 43-year-old says, "I was in a cluster of movies that by Hollywood definitions were not successful. They were flops. "I was considered box-office poison but to me they were all successful and I don't feel any different about a success or failure. "I don't know how to explain it, but by some miracle I have always been able to choose my characters for movies. Being able to get jobs throughout the 90s when, in the language of Hollywood, I was box-office poison should have been hard, yet I was able to do everything single film I wanted to do. "To me, whether I'm playing Ed Wood or Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, all these movies have commercial potential. "Pirates could have easily flopped. It's always a crap shoot."