Movie star Johnny Depp is so in love with his pirate captain JACK SPARROW, he'll continue to play the quirky buccaneer for as long as the Pirates Of The Caribbean films are popular. Depp, who had never appeared in a sequel until he agreed to reprise Sparrow for new film PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST, admits he'll play the giddy rogue forever if he can. The actor has already completed most of his work for a third Pirates film, which will hit cinemas in 2007, and is looking forward to removing his gold teeth when that movie wraps later this year (06). But he's not averse to revisiting his dentist in the future for a return as Sparrow. He says, "If they wanted me to do Pirates 7, I'd keep going. Captain Jack's a free spirit, like me. I love him."