Actor Johnny Depp despised his teen idol status in the 1980s - because he hated the idea of posing with his top off for girls magazines.
The Pirates Of The Caribbean hunk first shot to fame in U.S. teen show 21 Jump Street and fast became a favourite with young female viewers.
But the "shy" star hated fans' lustful admiration and the fame which followed, prompting him to shave off his hair and eyebrows in a bid to distract attention.
He tell Britain's magazine OK!, "I just didn't want to make a career of taking my shirt off. I wanted to shave off all my hair, even my eyebrows. And I did!
"I don't fault TV stars who do teen magazines. They took offers that gave the big money fast, but they were dead in two years. I never wanted that.
"Frankly, I've always been shy, paranoid, whatever word you want. I hate fame - I've done everything to avoid it."