Movie hunk Johnny Depp was the worst telesales person in the world - because he urged people not to buy the product he was selling. The Sweeney Todd star took a job selling pens over the phone when he first arrived in Los Angeles with his band The Kids. The job kept him off the streets but he hated having to con people about the treats they'd get if they bought his pens. He recalls, "You'd guarantee them a grandfather clock or a trip to Greece. "The couple of times that I actually got people to buy the pens, they only agreed because they wanted the grandfather clock. "When the supervisor wandered off, I would say, 'Listen, don't buy these pens. The clock is made of corkboard. I'm a thief; we're ripping you off.'" But he insists the job was his first acting role: "You're reading a whole spiel. There was a character on the soap opera General Hospital - the name stuck in my head - so I would call people up and say, `How do you do, this is Edward Quartermaine.'"