Hollywood hunk Johnny Depp is such a fan of cult British TV comedy LITTLE BRITAIN, he's desperate to appear on the show.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean actor has reportedly told series' creators and stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas he'd love to dress in drag and play a pal of their transvestite character EMILY.

And the comedy pair insist they're frantically working on a means of getting Depp on the show.

Lucas says, "We're looking into it. It would be great if Johnny could appear."

A source tells Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper, "Johnny's let it be known that he would like to be in the show and it would be mad not to find him a role.

"His favourite character is Emily and he's indicated that he'd love to play a friend of hers."

Depp has previously made a cameo appearance in British comedy show THE FAST SHOW after revealing himself to be a fan.

06/01/2005 09:41