Johnny Depp isn't looking forward to The Oscars next month (FEB05) because he hated attending the ceremony with his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis.

The actor, who received a Best Actor nomination for his role as JM BARRIE in Finding Neverland on Monday (24JAN05), admits he wasn't looking forward to hearing his name mentioned - because he didn't want to return to the Oscars after his experience last year (04).

He recalls, "All Vanessa and I could think of was, 'When and where can we go smoke?' and 'Where can we get a drink?' and 'When is it over?' and 'Please don't let me win.'

"It was such a shock, to get the news that I'd been nominated. My first reaction was 'Why?' On one level I was flattered; but it's not what I'm working for.

"When I didn't win the thing - oh, I was ecstatic. Absolutely ecstatic. I applauded the lucky winner and said, 'Thank God.'"

27/01/2005 02:40