Hollywood star Johnny Depp is the perfect friend because he rarely keeps in touch with his pals - according to his latest co-star, British comedian JOHNNY VEGAS.

Vegas was keen to forge a strong friendship with the OSCAR-nominated actor during the filming of The Libertine on the England's Isle Of Man last year (04) - but claims his attempts were unsuccessful.

The portly funnyman jokes, "Johnny Depp is one of those really great friends who don't hassle you by returning phone calls. He won't come round your house, because he just ignores all your invitations.

"And I know that if I was ever in any financial trouble he wouldn't offer to send any money."

He adds of the famously enigmatic Depp, "Johnny's like that, he expresses his love through silence and lawyers' letters.

"I know he wants to see me mould myself and grow but it came out as, 'Get away from me you freak.'"

28/01/2005 14:09