Johnny Depp is relieved his manhood won't come into play when he portrays JOHN DILLINGER on the big screen - because he's convinced the infamous bankrobber's well-hung reputation is a myth. The Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street star feared he'd be packing his pants for his upcoming role in Public Enemies in a bid to capture every aspect of Dillinger's character. But his research has led him to believe the U.S. Depression-era hood was not as `big' as has been reported. He tells the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine, "There's some very famous photographs of Dillinger on the morgue slab, and there's one particular angle, with the sheet over him, and it's (his penis), like, 25 inches, man. "The speculation was that he was in the wrong racket. But you read further, and it was a crank on the other side that the sheet had been draped over, making it look like he was packing, you know, Mr. Ed's (U.S. TV talking horse) shotgun (penis)."