Movie hunk Johnny Depp is unsure he'll ever work with partner VANESSA PARADIS on film - as their best collaborations are in their family life.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL star - who almost worked with Paradis on THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE before it was shelved - likes to keep his acting career separate from his personal life.

But the devoted couple - who are parents to children LILY ROSE and JACK - ensure they never spend too much time apart.

Depp explains, "If something were to come up, that would be great.

"But actively looking for it - no. I like keeping things separate - she does her work, I do mine.

"And then we get together for the important stuff - kids, family life.

"They came with me to Montreal when I filmed SECRET WINDOW. I won't go anywhere without them."

23/04/2004 17:32