Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are teaming up once again for a big-screen adaptation of the popular Gothic soap opera DARK SHADOWS, according to a top Hollywood producer.
In a recent interview, producer Richard D. Zanuck confirmed rumours the longterm collaborating pair, whose next project Alice in Wonderland is slated for release in 2010, would take on their eighth film together.
Zanuck tells, "I'm doing next summer - with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp - Dark Shadows, which is an old '70s soap opera (that aired) here in the United States."
And starring in the film will be a dream come true for Depp - who was obsessed with the spooky programme as a child.
Zanuck adds: "(Depp) was obsessed, as a young person (with Dark Shadows). He used to sneak out of school to get home to turn on the television set. It was a very popular show for about four or five seasons."