Johnny Depp and Adrien Brody have joined the ranks of the celebrity road warriors after buying top-of-the-range Airstream trailers. The pair were gripped by Matthew Mcconaughey's much-hyped adventures in his Airstream and splashed out $60,000 (GBP35,300) on popular 28-foot (8.5 meter) International models. But Airstream spokesman Tim Champ doesn't think the movie superstars are planning any massive roadtrips anytime soon. He says, "Johnny Depp just wanted one for his home in West Hollywood. "We then helped him design an awning for his Airstream because he was concerned about the eucalyptus resin that was falling off his trees and onto the roof of his trailer. "Adrien Brody was wrapping King Kong when he came to us. He just wanted a piece of 'casual architecture' for him to use on movie sets. "He has been a longtime fan - he was very enamoured with the space and style." And Brody has big plans for his new trailer. Champ adds, "He is tricking his trailer out, so it has the right kind of music system. I understand he's a big hip-hop fan, which explains why he's thinking about turning his trailer into a mobile home-cumstudio."